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Our Projects

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Quartier D2, La Prairie

Project of 29 units in La Prairie currently under construction with the third and last phase. With an integrated approach, the price of the units is very competitive and the project remains a real commercial success. The 5,514. square meter site has an atypical shape and borders the intersection of Rouillier and Lavoie streets. It encloses a small urban park located at the corner of Rouiller and Houde streets. The lot to be developed and the park are closely linked to the head of this quadrilateral, the project aims to integrate and enhance the park so that the whole is integrated into the existing urban fabric.
Domania wishes to develop a living environment,
a quality and affordable residential project, mainly intended for family households.



Quartier M3, McMasteville

Le Groupe Kana Group Inc. wishes to develop a living environment, a quality and ecological residential project, mainly intended for family households who would like to enjoy the benefits of spacious housing, privacy, storage and parking facilities, etc.

Without having to suffer the inconveniences (high acquisition costs, maintenance fees and tasks, etc.).


In addition, the project also pursues sustainable development objectives. To this end, LeGroupe Kana Inc. has mandated Éco-Habitation to have the units certified with "LEED V4 Habitations - Unifamiliales".


This will be a first for the company and aims to meet the ecological aspirations of the municipality.

PLAN - BUILD - MANAGE by Domania

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Domania 3010 SoHo,
rue Lemelin, Brossard

Le Groupe Kana Inc. has built 54 townhouses in the L section of Brossard (Lemelin Street). The constructions has three floors with a garage integrated to the body of the building. All facades are covered with brick. This project, built more than 10 years ago, is based on a quality product highlighting a sustainable and timeless architecture. The innovative construction has doubled in value since construction and the Le Groupe Kana ensures that it offers its clients reliable long-term investments.
The project will also soon see the arrival of a mixed-use building, Domania 3010, with today's architectural style, demonstrating Le Groupe Kana Inc.'s ability to adapt to customer needs and new construction methods.

PLAN - BUILT - MANAGE by Domania

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 2.19.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 2.19.59 PM.png

The Link at Emerald Dunes, West Palm Beach

In addition to projects in Quebec, Le Groupe Kana has completed projects in the United States by renovating an entire community in The Link at Emerald Dunes in West Palm Beach. This also demonstrates the company's ability to rethink a truly integrated project that aims to offer a superior quality living environment.

MANAGED by Domania

Project de la rue De la Viorne, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Le Groupe Kana Inc. has built 16 townhouses on de la Viorne Street in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. These are two-storey houses with garages integrated into the body of the buildings, which are clad in red clay bricks. The architecture of this project differs from that of the Lemelin Street project in Brossard and demonstrates the Group's creative potential in developing two similar products, but with radically different architecture.


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