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At Domania MGMT, we specialize in residential rental management, offering unparalleled expertise to optimize and simplify the management of your properties. We stand out with our transparent communication, and secure digital tools. From showcasing your properties to daily management, we free up your time while maximizing your rental yield. Trust Domania MGMT for hassle-free and profitable property management


  • Complete management and administration of your real estate portfolio. Our services encompass sales, rentals, after-sales service, and management of your real estate assets. We have all the resources to ensure the profitability of your projects and the expansion of your real estate presence.

  • Onboarding your properties and tenant management.

  • 24/7 SERVICE support, including via the online portal and a dedicated Partner Support Agent.

  • Accounting: Payment of property taxes, school taxes, essential services, insurance, etc.

  • Rent collection: Collection of rents and deposits; automatically from the bank account.

  • Administrative support: Any request/question from tenants and the public.

  • Tax preparation: Monthly and annual reports compliant with all the requirements of the Revenue Agency of QC/CA.

  • Inspections: Property inspections and mandatory annual fire inspections.

  • Owner portal: Cloud-based software with a view of your buildings and properties.

  • Assistance with the TAL: Rent review and legal representation.


  • Reception and transmission of requests from co-owners to the board of directors.

  • Preparation of documents for meetings and assemblies (notices, agendas, financial statements, budgets).

  • Maintenance of registers of co-owners, tenants, and reserve funds.

  • Bilingual communication for the entire syndicate.

  • Secure web platform for co-owners.

  • 24/7 emergency service.

  • Management of the syndicate's bank account and daily operations.

  • Management of the reserve fund investments.

  • Research and negotiation for better contracts, prices, and services.

  • Contract preparation and salary payments.

  • Production of annual income statements.

  • Building management, staff, and subcontractors.

  • Analysis of bids and recommendations on contracts.

  • Management of maintenance contracts and projects.


  • In person property onboarding 

  • Digital Renter Dashboard

  • Round-the-Clock Support for Tenants

  • Recommendation program

  • Pathway to property ownership

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