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Leading the way with Spark!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Domania is proud to partner with Spark!

We can now rely on Spark, which is more than a customer relationship management tool. Gone are the days of paper, spreadsheets, oversights and inconvenient response times.

Currently in operation in Vancouver, Spark simplifies new homes sales with smarter software:

  • Marketing

  • Inventory Management

  • Communications

  • Client Management

No matter where our customers’ interest comes from, whether it’s social media or by phone/e-mail, Spark helps identify and bring together all of our customer interactions for ongoing projects into one place.

Spark’s turn key solution helps us manage the whole sales lifecycle, from lead generation to delivery of your new home. All of the necessary information to promote our activities in addition to ensuring fast and efficient contact with each client allow us to be proud of our achievements.

It is with the Quartier D2 project in La Prairie and Quartier M3 project in McMasterville that the platform will be active and available.

We’ll be informing you with valuable updates on all stages of our development, activities, and upcoming opportunities.

The Domania Team

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