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Benefits of buying a Brand-New Home

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Domania invests most of its activities in new residential construction. With the idea of ​​offering a turnkey concept in a developing sector, Domania is setting up his project in La Prairie; the Quartier D2. Whether it's economic or demographic, here are some advantages of buying a new property:

1- Renovations

By choosing the materials and finishes to decorate your home, you will not have to think about investing in renovations. These specificities that you will have chosen on plan avoid additional expenses.

2- The roles of the GCR & RBQ

For new home buyers, the protection of the Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings provides peace of mind,compliance with today’s standards, the smooth running of work by conducting sound risk management and reducing the number of claims.

3- Energy Saving

New residential construction generally offers good energy efficiency by current standards and with the use of new materials. Whether it’s soundproofing or insulation, the energy consumed will be less.

4- Ownership Access

Some ownership access programs allow you to become a homeowner without having to give an important down payment. Ask about the Accès Condo and Accès propriété programs!

5- Tax Refunds

The Government of Quebec offers a refund of part of the taxes; 50% of the QST (for a maximum of $ 9,804) and 36% of the GST (up to $ 6,300). You could also benefit from financial assistance from the municipal level, depending on the municipality.

6- Promotions

Depending on the real estate project, it’s possible to benefit from an advantageous first price wave when the project is still on plan. It is also possible to have the notary fees covered or the parking included. It all depends on the period in which the project is being developed.

7- Negotiations

It’s possible to customize your purchase price depending on the number of units already sold for a project. Certain conditions apply, in particular by the state, the progress of the work and the public’s interest generated by the new project.

Read the following article for more details:

We’ll be informing you with valuable updates on all stages of our development, activities, and upcoming opportunities.

The Domania team

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